Black Gold Mats is a locally owned and operated small business. We started this company while looking to install new rubber flooring in our own home gym. We wanted to have something that was thicker than the typical gym mat, that did not release any terrible odours, and was safe for my kids to play on, while being environmentally conscious during the manufacturing process. We spent countless hours researching the industry and we sourced an Ontario based company that was able to make our vision happen and BGM was created.


The standard approach until now has been to use vulcanized rubber, which is known to release awful odours. Despite being thick and offering support, they did not meet my expectations in regards to the odour. I have owned several gyms and have spent large amount on flooring I presumed to be good quality. I have purchased 3mm and 6mm matting and felt satisfied with the function of the products, but with the closures and moving to my own home gym, I wanted a better product with high sound barriers and absorption while also providing a space for my kids to spend hours playing and rolling around, without them having to endure the odours. 



As we sourced our manufacturer we held high standards on the quality and testing of the product we were seeking. Testing is what sets us apart. The engineers have completed over 2000 laboratory tests in the last ten years with a commitment to a monthly testing schedule as we consider only recent testing to be relevant for engineering purposes. Our manufacturer recycles the equivalent of 5 million tires per year. We are committed to improving the environment by re-using rubber waste from landfills to create engineered acoustic products at our near-zero waste facility. In your search for the premium quality, luxury matting for your personal or commercial space I hope you find what you are looking for here with BGM.