We have mats, now what?

Congratulations!!! You made the investment in superior quality rubber flooring…now is the installation process. Simple, right? Well, kinda… We try to make it as simple as we can. We have even labelled the mats with a “this side up” or “this side down” emblem.

But first things first:
Acclimation. Yup that’s right, acclimation. Here’s the science, rubber expands with heat and contracts with cold. That’s it. That’s all I have!! Remember, I’m into fitness and business not science! Anyhow, it is important to store your mats inside where they will be used for approximately 72 hours prior to installation.
Next step will be to ensure that your space is clean, swept and vacuumed. Even the smallest piece dirt will cause unnecessary wear with an unsightly, and uncomfortable spot to stand on. Think of the Princess and the pea, she had a terrible sleep with all of that support even with that tiny pea at the bottom under it all. I know, I know, side tracked again, it happens…

Now here we go!
Collect your tools and safety equipment:
-safety glasses
-heavy duty utility knife
-measuring tape
-chalk line
-carpenter’s square

Arranging the mats:

You will want to lay out the mats to see where the cuts will need to be, if any. This will be an important step if you happen to be installing tiles in a pattern or in a combination of colours. If using mats from several pallets, be sure to mix them up to blend any minor shade variations. REMEMBER, do not flip the mats over and make sure all tiles are laid down with the “arrow” pointing in the same direction.

Method #1 Centre room start:

Locate the mid point of your space and chalk a start line down the centre. make another line 90 degrees to the first . start where the two points intersect and work outwards in both directions. It is not necessary to stagger the interlocking tiles. However, the stagger method is recommended to avoid four corners meeting in the same spot, and really makes a multi coloured floor pop. Assure a tight fit by gently tapping the tiles together as they are being placed. To maintain that beautiful finished edge, be sure to trim off the interlocking tabs.

Method #2 Corner of the room start: This method is nice in smaller projects.

Start in one corner with a mat. If using interlock, trim the edge tabs off on the two wall sides. Continue to lay one row of full mats across the room, trimming the tabs along the wall. Trim the last mat to fit nicely. Using that trimmed piece, go back to the starting point, and start the next row, this will minimize cutting waste. Trimmed pieces can only be used in the originals orientation; they cannot be flipped to fit in another direction.

Easy Peasy!

Some quick tips with cutting: keep tiles on a flat surface, hold your metal edge straight and cut with a new sharp utility knife. Keep scoring the cut until it separates. For odd angles or circular patterns make yourself a cardboard template to follow. Hand cut edges should only be used against the perimeter walls only.

Now sit back, relax and admire your work! Job well done. But wait!!! You’re not finished yet! There’s the clean up. Pack up all the tools and any remnants of rubber and take that out of your fresh, new space. Bust out the broom, vacuum and microfiber mop. Give the space a good sweep and vacuum thoroughly to remove all surface dust and dirt. Damp mop the floor with warm water, be sure to change the water frequently. Allow to completely dry before walking on the floor, or go ahead, what ever you prefer to see, perfectly clean floor or foot prints!! Ha Ha Ha

To maintain the beauty of your premium floors we do recommend weekly cleaning with a vacuum and damp mop.Any products that contain solvents and acids will attack the composite structure of the rubber flooring and cause deterioration. Sealants and waxes can also alter the surface characteristics….which is never a good thing.

Well, there, now you’re done! Take break and start designing your dream space and all your dream equipment, be sure to add a set our of adjustable dumbbells! Yes, that’s right! We have adjustable dumbbells, and if you keep up with us we have some really exciting partnerships coming!


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